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Know Your Kitchen
Gallery Kitchen

Places the three work centres on two counters opposite each other. Suited for long, narrow and rectangular-shaped areas, commonly found in condominium units apartments, and town-houses.

One-Wall Kitchen

Locates all three work centres on one counter, with the sink placed at the centre. The work centres Should never be placed directly beside one another in order to have free counter top space between them. This works well in very small spaces -- like a studio or one-bedroom unit.

Know Your Kitchen
Know Your Kitchen
Peninsula Kitchen

Addresses a lack of wall space. if you have enough floor space,you may add an extended counter perpendicular to the existing counter to house the sink or the range. you can also use it as a space-saving dinging nook.

U-shaped Kitchen

This layout distributes three work centres among separate counters forming a "U". It is the most efficent, and works if you have at least eight feet in room width adn legnth. The work triagle created allows a logical sequence of work centres with minimum distances between them.

Know Your Kitchen
Know Your Kitchen
L- Shaped Kitchen

This layout occupies two walls in the room forming an "L". It works in areas with doors or windows on two walls of the room as well as providers extra floor space for other activities such as eating or ironing.

Island Kitchen

Has an additional counter located at the centre of the room that may house a sink or range. The "island" can also function as breafast or snack bar. Should be large enough for counter space on both sides of the sink or range. Apt for large, square kitchens in big houses and spacious condominiumns.

Know Your Kitchen